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eTemperature V8.13 released

eTemperature Version 8.13 has just been released. This is primarly a bug fix release with no significant new features. The key new features include: – “Save as…” menu item under “File”. This is to allow people to easily open a file and save it under a different name or new location. – “Check for updates” […]

eTemperature version 8.14 released

Just a minor update. There were some settings that were previously being saved that weren’t in the latest couple versions. For example, eTemperature remembers the sample rate etc that you last used as the default for next time it starts. The fast start button configuration was also being lost. We have also been streamlining our […]

eTemperature version 8.14 released – changing the unknown

This is another minor release with a feature requested by a customer. It is now possilbe to change the description when the results have been downloaded or saved. This is to help people who forgot to set the description up originally and it just shows as “unknown”. The new name will appear in reports, in […]

eTemperature Version 8.15 Released

eTemperature Version 8.15 has been released. This is a minor release. Report changes When we converted to a new reporting engine we gained a number of features. These include: – users being able to modify the report – more export options for saving the report – a higher resolution graph output But some old features […]

eTemperature 8.19 Released

eTemperature version 8.19 has just been released. This is a critical update for all versions since 8.11. Autosave The “auto-save” feature has been unreliable since version 8.11. To also ensure that users are clearly informed as to when results are saved, the dialog box has been reintroduced. This will mean that if you are using […]

eTemperature Version 8.21 Released

Version 8.21 of eTemperature has now been released. This is primarily a bug fix for the min/max plus extremes report. Min/max plus extremes Many customers are familiar with min/max thermometers. They would write the minimum and maximum temperatures down each day and reset the thermometer. The benefit of this was a very compact record of […]