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This week we were interviewed in regards to the Food Sniffer.

With over 1 million live views, 400,000 Facebook views and 4,000 Facebook comments, we have identified the top 10 most popular responses to the Food Sniffer.

1. “I already have one. It’s called a nose
This comment was often quickly answered by someone without a sense of smell commenting on how not everyone has that luxury.

2. “This will make people even more stupid
This comment was typically followed by a sequence of comments that demonstrated that stupidity did not require a Food Sniffer to exist. They were often the most “dynamic” discussions to read.

3. “I can eat anything
The fact that they are still alive is proof that food poisoning is a myth, or at least just a problem for lesser people.

4. “It’s too expensive
Price is a relative thing which really just means that they like the idea but wouldn’t spend their money on it. If it was built into their phone then they would use it. One day it will be and they will be happy.

5. “I love it but it’s too expensive
This is a little better than 3, and is probably a vague hope that by saying this in a public forum the price will halve overnight. Unfortunately I can’t discount the price but I can offer them a free copy of The Rotten Food Cookbook.

6. “xxx must have one of these
This was REALLY common, and I think is more a comment about xxx than the product. Apparently there are a huge number of people who like to inflict food poisoning on their peers or family, or people who discard a large amount of food.

7. “xxx buy this for me for my birthday/Christmas
There appear to be a lot of birthdays coming up soon and hopefully there will be less food poisoning afterwards.

8. “Pity it doesn’t work on…
Yes, there are too many causes of food poisoning and there is also a very strong desire to carry this into every restaurant.

9. “Wish I had one of these last week/month/year
What they don’t know is that they will also wish that they will have one next week/month/year. The biggest motivator to avoid food poisoning is having had food poisoning.

10. “I need one of these
People taking ownership for their own wants or disasters.


Fortunately most of the responses were positive and it was a great success. Grab your own Food Sniffer and make up your own mind.