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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to make sure that you have a product that does what you need it to do, and does it incredibly well. For the majority of our customers we offer our "one-question asked" returns policy.

All our products are covered by a minimum warranty, but we will generally go beyond it because we think that good products shouldn't be measured by minimum warranties.

"One question asked" returns policy

I don't understand a "no questions asked" returns policy. Sorry, if you are returning something to us I want to know why. I want to know if it has a problem, or if it was the wrong solution for you, or if it wasn't what you expected. It may even be that you found a better solution later.

My reason for asking is simple - I want to improve what we do. That may mean making a different recommendation to someone in the future, or not selling it for a specific purpose. Or it could be to continue recommending it to others because it was an issue specific to you.

So if you have a product and don't think it is right then let us know.

For faulty goods please give us the chance to fix or replace it. If it wasn't quite right, please give us the chance to make a better recommendation.

Though it is up to you.

"One question asked" returns policy limitations

If we are selling a number of loggers that are going to be used in extreme environments we ask that you test a single unit first a couple of times. We are happy to cover one damaged/broken unit but not a dozen.

If we have to do a special order for a large quantity of stock (over $1,000) then please make sure that it is the right unit. A restocking fee may apply for non-standard items.

Finally, if you have damaged the item then we would normally try to replace it at cost. We can't accept damaged items. We don't care about lost or damaged packaging, but we do care about a physically damaged unit.

Minimum warranty

All items are covered by a one year warranty.
This excludes

  • loggers with batteries where the sampling rate has reduced the battery life to below 1 year
  • batteries
  • loggers heated above 100°C for extended periods
  • acts of God
  • abuse, misuse, and abnormal usage
  • faulty installation
  • improper maintenance
  • any alterations or repairs undertaken or attempted

Items must be returned to our Sydney office and we generally do not cover the cost of shipping back to us, but will ship a replacement or repaired unit back to you at our expense.

Extended warranty

One year warranty is pretty lame. Our products should last much longer than that. If your item fails after that then talk to us. In many cases we will cover it for two years without any issue.

If you want a formal extended warranty then let us know.

Our goal is simple - provide a quality product and stand behind it.