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“I have received an email from you saying my order is delivered but I didn’t receive it”

We use Express Post for the majority of our deliveries, and couriers for larger orders and international orders. If you have received an email from us confirming delivery then it is showing on their web site as having been delivered.

We send this email so that you can start asking around as soon as possible. Before we started sending this email we had people ringing us weeks later asking when we were going to ship the item. By that time the person who had the item often forgot where it was. This email is to ensure that you can get on top of this as quickly as possible.

“Who has my item?”

In the majority of cases we find that the order has been delivered but has been put aside somewhere. We strongly recommend that you check with:

Also check to see if there is a delivery card, though this should show as a failed delivery.

“Did you send it to the right address?”

We photograph every item that we ship, and can provide confirmation of the delivery address. Occasionally we make mistakes so we are more than happy to check that it was sent to the right address.

Australia Post also shows which suburb it was delivered to. This is useful for government orders where we may have accidentally sent it to the billing address or another department.

“Can Australia Post help?”

If you are sure that the parcel is not at your location and that we did send it to the correct address, then you will need to contact Australia Post with the tracking number. Unfortunately Australia Post will not discuss deliveries with the sender, only the receiver. For them, change of ownership occurred when they picked it up.

Australia Post may be able to contact the postie or local post office.

“No luck. Now what?”

If you paid for shipping insurance when you check out we will automatically ship you a replacement order after about 5 days. This is to ensure that the order is not there. If it is ultra-urgent then just let us know and we will ship sooner.

For normal shipments, officially by our terms and conditions we aren’t responsible for deliveries once they have been picked up. Practically, however, we don’t want to leave you in the lurch.

What we do ask is that you raise a compensation request with Australia Post (or the courier). We apologise for the hassle –¬†they won’t compensate the entire amount, and they don’t allow the sender to claim compensation, but it is a good start.

We will then work out how to get replacement units to you so that neither of us are too out of pocket.

“Found it”

If you do find the item after inquiring about it, please let us know.