Explainer video answering “what is a temperature logger”

This is a great one minute explainer video answering “what is a temperature logger”. This is the first video in a series answering questions on temperature loggers and their usage.

“What is a temperature logger” transcript

The transcript of the video follows:

What is a temperature logger?

A temperature logger is a thermometer
With memory

It tells you what the temperature is
It tells you what the temperature was

A temperature logger can tell you
– when everything is fine
– when excessive temperatures were reached
– how long it stayed at that temperature

Temperature loggers are an ideal proof that all was fine

Temperature loggers automate record keeping

Temperature loggers help you decide what to do when there is a problem
Can you keep stock or do you have to throw it away?

Temperature loggers are automated and save you time

Temperature loggers save you money

Temperature loggers save your reputation

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