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I can’t find my delivery

“II have received an email from you saying my order is delivered but I didn’t receive it” – this post explains what to do now to ensure it arrives.

Top 10 Causes Of Food Poisoning

We have the usual suspects as well as a couple of unexpected appearances in our “Top 10 Causes of Food Poisoning”. How many of them can you guess? Do you think a critical one was missed? Please leave a comment.

A TAS Teacher’s Dilemma

This was based on a real post in a Facebook discussion group. They were really struggling with student engagement. What I don’t show in this video are the responses from other teachers. It was interesting to see the range from good practical suggestions through to the “why bother”. It was, however, universally acknowledged that getting […]

How often should you record the temperature of a commercial fridge?

Recently we were asked: When are you required (according to the food standards code of Australia and New Zealand) to take the temperature reading of a commercial Fridge, a commercial freezer and a Bain Marie that is set at 60 degrees and at what intervals e.g Every 2 hours or Twice every day ? The […]

Glitterbug on Jimmy Kimmel – How to wash your hands

Glitterbug cameo appearance on Jimmy Kimmel I don’t know if you can call it a cameo appearance or blatant product placement, but face it, there is no better way to demonstrate how to wash hands than with Glitterbug… Will people listen to Jimmy? Probably not because it is too removed. What will they respond to? […]

Food temperature danger zone explainer video

What is the danger zone for food temperature? It’s a very simple message, but critical to food safety. This short explainer video covers the food temperature danger zone and the obligations on restaurants and cafes. It would be great if you shared the video with friends to help get the message out.

Rotten Food Cookbook Video

The Rotten Food Cookbook promotional video is now on youtube: It would be great if you shared it with friends, or your local restaurant. Just be careful when recommending it to your local restaurant. They may take it personally.

Food Sniffer Channel 7 News Response

This week we were interviewed in regards to the Food Sniffer. With over 1 million live views, 400,000 Facebook views and 4,000 Facebook comments, we have identified the top 10 most popular responses to the Food Sniffer. 1. “I already have one. It’s called a nose” This comment was often quickly answered by someone without […]

What is a temperature logger

Explainer video answering “what is a temperature logger” This is a great one minute explainer video answering “what is a temperature logger”. This is the first video in a series answering questions on temperature loggers and their usage. “What is a temperature logger” transcript The transcript of the video follows: What is a temperature logger? […]

Simon Marnie and The Rotten Food Cookbook

Last week I had the pleasure of being on Weekends with Simon Marnie. We had the chance to talk about The Rotten Food Cookbook and went through how to make the perfect Chicken Seizure Salad.